9 year old Aaron shocked his parents when he decided he wanted to raise some money for KiteRight.

Out of the blue before Christmas Aaron told his parents he wanted to raise money for KiteRight and that he had decided to do a sponsored silence. Hows that for initiative!

The little chatter box will be keeping his voice firmly under wraps for 24 hours on January 18th 2013 from 6pm Friday till 6pm Saturday. His parents have said that the house will seem VERY quiet!

Aaron's already been hard at work fund-raising and has raised about £150. He wants to get to £200 but more would be fantastic!

£200 will pay for us to train another instructor to work with people with Physical, Mental Health and Learning challenges. Not a bad achievement when your only 9 years old

Aaron's put a little video together with the help of his parents explaining why he's keen to raise some funds for us. Dig deep folks!

You can donate here:

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman