Loadstar Kiters 2012 raise £131!

Mark Coningsby a Mental Health Nurse from Cambridge and his friends ran “taster” sessions on some small kites, for the festival goers at the Loadstar Music festival. They raised funds from donations and raffling a 6.5 Blade to the power kiters using the fields and a smaller kite from Andy Preston for those who are not as experienced.

Mark and his friends decided to give some of this money to KiteRight as well as to their local air-ambulance service.

Mark said in his introductory e-mail :

May I say well done to you for setting up your charity. I am a very strong believer in kiting and its benefits and have always wanted to be able to prove this. I say this with some confidence, as I have been power kiting for over 10 years, did a BPKA training course, and have been a Mental Health Nurse for almost as long.

I received a cheque today for £131, thank you so much for all your effort and donating to KiteRight! (hopefully some photos to follow soon).

It goes to show there are some pretty amazing people in the kiting community!!!

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman