Every penny you donate goes to KiteRight. We have no staff, no offices and no overheads.

We run TOTALLY on volunteers and donations.

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Virgin Money giving works just Just Giving. It allows you to donate a single amount or make a monthly pledge.

All donations will be subject to gift aid (where appropriate) so rather than losing money on paypal donations we MAKE money on yours. Currently a £10 donation gives the charity £12.10.

Virgin money giving also allows you to create your own fundraising page. You could do a sponsored stop smoking, silence or skydive and have your own page linked to KiteRight. Its up to you! You don't have to ask just go ahead and start fundraising!

You can can also join any of our organised events.

Throughout the site there are helpful ideas for fundraiser events, how to maximise your fundraising efforts and a host of other tools.

You will have to make your own Virgin Money Giving Account as a fundraiser, but it's quick, free and what are you waiting for??

Help us make a real difference!

We have also teamed up with other easy ways to raise money for KiteRight - some won't even cost you a penny! How cool is that. Click HERE for more info.

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman