Tomorrow it is then!

D, who has complex medical conditions describes her first buggy lesson funded by KiteRight

D travelled to Cornwall on Friday 12th April for her first buggy lesson with our good friend Dom Moore from the Surf Sanctuary. Until contacting KiteRight D had been constantly turned away from other sports ... here is her story ... and another example of where your kind donations go.

I held my breath as I read the email :

"NW winds, 15 knots or so, bang onshore and sunny...exactly what we've been waiting for"
Oh yes indeed, exactly what I have been waiting for, hoping for, longing for. Here starts my new adventure...I hastily tapped out my reply" Tomorrow it is then! " Less than a month since I stumbled upon here I was zooming off to the beach for my very first kite buggying lesson. I was so excited I was bouncing around like a puppy with two tails and with a bubbly feeling reminiscent of a childhood Christmas Eve I wondered if I would get any sleep at all.

Sure I was a little bit nervous but I was free of the usual apprehension to which I have become well accustomed when embarking on something new or enrolling for an activity . Do you know that deep, dark, gloomy fear that you are yet again going to be turned away? Be it gently or bluntly the rejection thump always hits hard and knocks the bottom right out of your stomach doesn't it? Which of these are you familiar with?
"I don't think you should be doing this",
"You won't be able to manage the equipment",
"I am afraid it will worsen your condition",
"You'll hold up the group"
"I can't imagine you will enjoy it",
"Perhaps you should do something gentler"
"Can't you get someone to do it for you",
"It's very difficult you know, even normal people find it hard",
"But it requires a lot of attention",
"You'll only get tired",
"Disabled people would find it far too difficult",
"We will have to charge you extra",
"Our insurance won't cover you".

But with KiteRight there was none of that. I was my usual anxious self about listing and describing my complex conditions and difficulties for the referral, but the questions were painless and having looked around the KiteRight website I was flushed with confidence that there would be a level of understanding and acceptance of my needs and wishes, unlike those consent forms where they ask you to detail any health issues and want your medications listed but only give you one line on which to complete your answers.

Low April sun was shining, a fresh wind was blowing and my insides were bubbling as I met my instructor in the beach car-park. There was just the two of us. It had been assessed and agreed that 1:1 is what would best suit me. No rush, no pressure and time to explain myself and adjust as required. It was okay, I could say it as it was, no need to hide anything nor pretend I was something I'm not.

My instructor was totally unfazed when I mentioned the metal plates in my back or when I demonstrated the difficulties with my hands, and never even flinched when I had to slow due to chest-pain. We just worked around my needs with me setting the pace and he providing the tuition, but there was something much more apparent than that - we were two people united together on that sunwashed beach capturing pockets of wind from the blue heavens above to bring us both the joy, the thrill and the magic of kiting. With the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair we were one and the same, for the wind doesn't treat us differently, it doesn't judge and is free to us all.
Hands on tuition, a few simple diagrams drawn in the sand, everything at my pace and I was oozing with confidence. I want to do something amazing with my share of that wind, and here is someone believing I can, and hey presto - there I am flying up the beach!!

...ten minutes later the lesson was over. well, no not really, it was a couple of hours but oh boy doesn't time fly when you're having fun?! It wasn't only the time that was flying, kites were flying and I was flying high...and I still am. I had flown kites before, I had kind of taught myself, as with nobody believing that either I could or should be doing such a thing, getting lessons had been out of the question. Just how I would ever fulfill my dream of travelling over the sand propelled by kitepower had been beyond my imagination until that lifechaning evening my Internet surfing blessed me with finding those bright coloured KiteRight buttons and an introduction to the kiting team. Now I am on board. This is one huge turnaround for me: I am a kiter - yeyy, I am a kitebuggier!
So now when I turn up at a beach or approach a club and they say "have you flown kites before?" -yes, "have you flown (driven?) a kite buggy before?" -YES...and look, this is how I was taught by KiteRight ;o)
see you in the sky!

After this experience Dom and the surf Sanctuary very kindly offered KiteRight a free 1/2 days lesson a month in Cornwall. So if your from that part of the world and have a disability or challenge fill out a referral form today!

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman