KiteRight is pleased to announce that we will be working in collaboration with Bournemouth University via its Students Union and Sports BU.

SUBU have agreed to work in partnership with KiteRight to give students in the new accademic year the opportunity to volunteer and participate in KiteRight via a number of avenues including becoming instructors / ambassadors and taking on research and other projects.

The fund-raising arm of SUBU...RAG are also keen to be involved with the charity which is an amazing opportunity!

Bournemouth Rag are extremely pleased to be able to provide fundraising to such a local and unique charity. I believe our students will be just as supportive as I was when I met KiteRight

We are also in discussions with Sports BU on a number of projects and opportunities that will benefit the local kiting community, Students and Kiteright. So keep an ear out for more news!

This collaboration with the University is an amazing opportunity for KiteRight as it allows us potential access to 18,000 students as well as the academic directorates which could greatly help our drive to nurture ongoing research and questioning on how and why kite sports have such a massive potential to be a force for change in peoples lives.

This new partnership has to be one the the most positive steps forward for KiteRight since we founded in April of this year and we look forward to a long and positive association with SUBU, Sport BU and Bournemouth University in general.

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman