News on meeting with the BKSA 20/07/2012

We had a very positive meeting yesterday 20 July 2012 with the BKSA.

As on my previous blog we discussed the training of instructors and we should be able to allow the 3 tier system and we will be advertising for the first wave of KiteRight instructors shortly.

We also discussed having fully accredited BKSA instructors with disabilities.

The licence may come with individual conditions attached based on individual assessment of their ability to perform certain elements of the curriculum. For example having an able bodied assistant or 2nd instructor present, or no conditions at all. This will be based on individual risk assessments of the candidate. This will support people with disabilities to be as independent as instructors as possible as their disability or challenge allows.

We also discussed how to place the Charity within the BKSA as we are none profit making, however may charge other charities for sessions / instruction / demonstration, at greatly reduced rates for their clients to cover costs and to bring income into the charity to fund further projects.

We also want to run events such a down-winders , course racing or other kite related events around the country to raise funds we need to be a club for insurance purposes to achieve this.

We have a few ideas in the melting pot and all are very positive I will keep you informed as we move forward.

It was refreshing to work with and organisation that says "how can we change" rather than "how can you fit in" to help meet the needs of people with disabilities and challenges. This will allow people with disabilities and challenges to access the sport of kiting at all levels.

Thank you to the BKSA, Richard Gowers (Chairman) and Andy Gratwick (Head of Training) for their open attitude and "can do" approach.

We look forward to a long and positive association with the BKSA.

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman