KiteRight becomes BKSA Affiliated!

I am proud to be able to announce that today KiteRight became a fully affiliated charity / club with the BKSA.

This means kiters from around the UK will have the option to join the BKSA and KiteRight and therefore give a £5 donation to KiteRight. This is beneficial for thoes who do not have a local kite club or would rather just give to a kite sports charity!

It is hoped that soon when joining people will have the option on the website of joining a local club AND KiteRight and for an extra £5 donation becoming a member of KiteRight or other kite sport related charities. How cool is that!

This could not have been achieved without the fantastic support and open minded vision of the British Kitesurfing Association and its Chairman Richard Gowers.

So when you join the BKSA or renew your membership make sure you choose KiteRight as your club and we get a fiver - simplez!Thank you :-)

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman