Founders Kite Club

9th - 11th October 2013 saw KiteRight head to Tarifa Spain to deliver a keynote speech to 30 influential international entrepreneurs

The Founders Kite Club was founded by Sebastian Heitmann (CEO BEST Kiteboarding) and Christoph Jost (German Internet-Entrepreneur) in February 2013, with strong support of Florian Behn and Florian Wilken.

The FKC brings together entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes connected through their true passion for kiteboarding in an informal networking event. Attendance at the events is by invite only.

KiteRight was fortunate enough to be invited to keynote at the event this October. Presenting a keynote speech to such a group of influential entrepreneurs is laced with both trepidation and tinged with excitement. Nerves were compounded by the fact that world-class kiter and legend to many Ruben Lenten was also in the audience along with team mate and pro rider Michael pressure then!

Luckily we had arrived the afternoon before and had been welcomed warmly to dinner by the group. Sadly due to financial constraints we could only stay long enough to deliver the speech the following night, leaving the day after, missing out on many opportunities for networking including the after party with DJ LEN10! (gutted).

However overall the trip was a resounding success with the keynote and more importantly the charity being well received by the participants of the FKC including fantastic words of encouragement from the legend that is...Ruben Lenten.

It is still too early to fully take stock of the impact for the charity but I hope that over time each participant will help to spread the word of the work we are doing so we can continue to grow and offer more and more services to people with disabilities. We will keep you updated.

Finally I would like to thank Sebastian Heitmann , Christoph Jost and Sandra Kunhenn for a fantastic well organised event and for making us feel so welcome.

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman