Feather Flags and Rectangular Flags Coming Soon!!

KiteRight would like to send their sincere thanks to Gordon Way from Ultra Sports Europe for his phenomenally generous donation of 2 large standard rectangular and 2 large S feather flags.

Gordon and his graphics team has incorporated a 19ninetyone logo and Josh's name as a lasting mark of respect to our graphics designer and friend so people will never forget who created our graphics.

Thank you Gordon it will mean a lot to a great number of people!

The flags are being printed through Ultra Sports Europe's subsidiary company Flags 4 Events.

We hope to be able to forge a long lasting relationship with Gordon and Ultra Sports Europe both for promotional and branding items but also links with kite and other equipment companies.

Check out the amazing designs below.... you're not going to miss us on the field or beach with the feather flags a whopping 5m tall!

KiteRight Chairman

KiteRight Chairman