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If you want to add your own testimonial about how KiteRight, or kite sports in general have helped you or a loved one, please let us know by filling out a testimonial form.

Thank you so much for the help & support from KiteRight. Charlie has Asperger’s Syndrome & because of KiteRight this weekend Charlie was able to have 2 days of kitesurfing lessons. Charlie enjoyed every minute of kitesurfing. He particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of all the kite surfers, who were all very welcoming & chatted away with him about all things kite related.This weekend at Poole/ Dorset has given Charlie so much confidence. Karl, his kitesurfing instructor was so patient & knowledgeable. Gary, of Kiteright.org has been amazing, very kind. With KiteRight help Charlie has benefited from so much. Charlie's world is very lonely for a 17 year old and it is great to see my son acting like a 'normal' teenager. It was a superb weekend.
Hi my name is Charlie Timbrell and I am 17 years old and I have Asperger syndrome and I love to kite. I went down to Sandbanks in Poole to learn to kitesurf with the KiteRight charity. I love the KiteRight charity as everybody is really friendly and every one loves to have a laugh and a joke and it is so nice to be a part of a group who understands me. It was fun to kitesurf for the very first time and I am going to have some more lessons with KiteRight can't wait to see everybody again! A big thank you to Gary Hawkins.
Since Jayden's first meeting with kite right he has really changed. He actually looked forward to going to the next event to kite again. For the first time in any school holidays he has been telling family he was going to events throughout the summer to kite and may even learn to board. He bursts with excitement at just the thought of flying that big kite again. He has never shown so much enthusiasm before for any activity and his behaviours have reduced considerably.
I have been kiting for 15 years and have often thought that kite flying in all its forms would be a great help to people with life challenges, both physical and mental. I also know that from a personal experience that kiting is a great therapy for people with depression.
I have lost my vision. I only have 25% remaining in my left eye and nothing in my right eye. I find that kiting helps me with coordination and spatial awareness, so I can more easily find where I am going. Kiting also has a positive mental aspect, where it makes me feel more in control of my disability.
I have bi-polar disorder and kiting helps me control my symptoms and be a more pleasant person to be around.
Kiting has allowed me to be part of a wider community that I would not normally be able to access due to my physical disability. I am seen as a person, and not a wheelchair.
Kiting has helped my self esteem and confidence. I know I can do something well. I have stopped my illegal drug use since I started kiting with KiteRight.