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Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor, young, super talented graphics designer and friend sadly passed away on Wednesday 1 August 2012.

His skills at producing eye catching simple designs and almost spooky knack of knowing what you were thinking and developing into a concept were outstanding. He was chilled, relaxed and nothing was ever too much bother.

Josh was one of KiteRights biggest supporters, he believed in the concept and gave his time for free. I owe it to Josh to fight and to work and make this charity work to make real differences to peoples lives.

Without him and his logos and designs, KiteRight wouldn't exist how it does today.

Josh was and still is a massive part of us, always.

His phenomenal designs have been one of they key influences of making KiteRight a success. We owe him so much it is hard to put into words.

He will always live on in his designs and his work...He will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace my friend.

This page will remain as a lasting tribute to Josh, Son to Nick and Deb, Brother to Joe and friend to many.

1991 Design

If anyone wants to add any images e-mail them to me at info@kiteright.org.

Awesome video by his good friend Charlie Penwarden showing the memorial walk and Luke Greens amazing talent and tribute to his long time friend.

Jack Lockyer another of Josh’s good friends has made a brilliant from the heart tribute video singing Skinny Love a track that was played at Josh’s funeral.