About Us

KiteRight is the UK's first charity dedicated to using kite sports in all its formats to help, support, educate and develop people of all ages with physical, mental health or learning challenges.


The charity, which is based in Dorset, aims to increase access and participation in kite sports for these individuals, increasing their self worth, self esteem, community access and participation. The word can't is not used in our vocabulary as we believe everyone, no matter how severe their disabilities or challenge can participate in one way or another. We also reinvest in those who want to be involved in the KiteRight process, by helping them to become instructors, or other positions within the charity all the way up to board level.

We also work with academic institutions, such as Bournemouth University, by engaging with students and academics.

Who We Work With

We are about working with EVERYONE, supporting the use of kite sports to make a real, measurable and meaningful difference to people's lives, wellbeing and futures.

High hopes? Impossible dreams? Unachievable goals? Many may think so.

So be part of something special. Prove the cynics wrong and show that a community, national and international, can push for social change, acceptance and support for the many who would not normally be able to access the sport and make a difference to their lives.